Is Social Media Only For The Youthful?

Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Website? Webinar? Several years in the past when I started hearing individuals words and definitely ringing again and forth like church bells in Manila Cathedral my curiosity led me to “examine” what they had been? In reality maintaining up with the instances is like being a jogger in Greenhills who can’t preserve up any longer with the youthful group. Nonetheless as what my late grandpa Luis Olivares Sr. would say “It is only the Carabao which ages”. Perseverance and Optimistic Considering are two ingredients, which must prevail. Like Clark Kent I ventured and often make sure to capture up with whoever is in the sport. Of program I make sure my entire body is tuned up and licensed by my medical professionals.

Therefore I signed up for a Twitter account some months back and I have been entertained by news, temperature, and even sights of the folks I stick to. I also use Facebook to maintain in touch with my consumers especially people who do not open up their e-mails, but frequently post photographs in Fb. Even in worldwide activities, Twitter and Facebook accounts are de rigeur if you want to touch as numerous individuals regionally and internationally. To maintain up with the stage, I partnered with a youthful and dynamic particular person who is house-dependent but does dynamic redesigning of sites of intercontinental firms from Australia and United States. Apart from Twitter, I signed up in Joined In and produced a enthusiast website page in Facebook. Alas! These provide as my depository for all my content articles to share with every person.

Chatting about international functions, we are very pleased to announce that Chit Juan was invited by no significantly less than Harvard Enterprise College- Social Company Meeting 2012 to present ECHOstore sustainable life-style, her social business that is a minor over a few several years aged currently. ECHOstore is a social company that supplies Marketplace Entry to many marginalized teams and communities who used to promote their goods just in trade fairs and fiestas. With ECHOstore sourcing from these groups, they are presented with cost-free design critique periods, and mentoring in entrepreneurship, specially in marketing which is Chit Juan’s preferred subject matter.

We also realized that Chit is speaking at however an additional conference, this time in Bangalore, India on the subject matter “Females and Technologies”. As we know Chit has been active in the social media circuit, having a Twitter and Fb account and even Joined In, which places her in contact with her partners, patrons and now Intercontinental groups who wish to discover about her enterprise encounter. We feel CEOs should take time to understand about Twitter and other social media, if their company ought to be in action with the occasions. It is in no way also late to just take element in Twitter and Fb, if you genuinely want to feel the pulse of your marketplace. Pities are people people who always say, “They are too aged for that”!

I have always been an early adopter in technological innovation. Telecom firms have been approaching me to test their forthcoming gizmos to give my trustworthy view from the stage of check out of an entrepreneur. Learning the technology is trying to keep up with new marketing tactics. In the early occasions to have a CCTV (Shut-Circuit Tv) was something uncommon and could be for banks or areas, which are sensitive in nature. Nowadays with these kinds of development and affordability even kiosks like Baliwag Lechon Manok and Liempo have cameras with seems! With an lively Fb Web page, management can very easily check the stream of organization and check on customer support. If folks utilized to only write about “word of mouth” advertising and marketing, these days it is more than “phrase of mouth”. It is more quickly and much more viral than WOM. Today, you can even adhere to DOST Pagasa on Twitter. MMDA even has released site visitors reports and still keep on good-tuning it. There are now Applications (quick for programs) for all kinds of OS (operating methods).

I preserve Blackberry simply because of the BBM attribute and the accessibility to social media in the palm of my hand. I can tweet and update my Facebook although on the road. I can deliver and reply e-mail at the flick of the finger even without Wi-Fi signals. A couple of months back I ventured in obtaining webinar (seminar via net). I couldn’t feel the benefit as I experienced about 200 folks who arrived from all locations in the planet listening to my 45-moment reside speak. Occur to believe of it, I was mobile travelling to another province. Sign was constant and audio was loud and distinct. Ah, engineering. And we thought it is only for the younger! It is the men and women of my age who need to discover social media. We have to be grateful so those folks who created social media like Fb and Google are younger and brilliant minds. Like Invoice Gates, they are typically mistaken by society as weird. But who is now laughing their way to the banking institutions amassing millions of huge bucks? Not too long ago we now have virtual assistants like Siri and Vlingo. Oh I am beginning to recognize their presence for each Android and Iphone OS gizmos available 24/7 and no request for income improve!

So wake up as the scenes in Dick Tracey and Flash Gordon are now in our midst! Take gain and Declare Success for business Undertaking!

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