Heisman Trophy Top-10

Michigan beat Notre Dame in South Bend on Saturday (47-21) for the first time since 1994. The 47 points scored on the Irish were the second-most ever allowed by Notre Dame in a home game (Purdue score 51 points in 1960). As for the game’s Heisman implications, if there was a awards contest this year for most unsung hero, John Stocco would be a natural choice. The Notre Dame QB entered the game with an NCAA-leading 33 career TD passes, but was held to just two yards rushing on 14 carries (had only 15 total carries in the Notre Dame opener). That didn’t stop the Irish from giving the Heisman to someone other than Brady. My latest Heisman update follows.

Heisman Trophy Top-10Monday, September 18

1)TROY SMITH (Ohio State) Last Week: 1. Coming off last week’s showdown win over Texas, situs pkv games Ohio State facedrapidly- improve Arkansas. While the hire of Rich Brooks as offensive coordinator clearly marked the biggest turnaround for Ohio State (and the school’s senior class), the Detroit Lions QB also improved his own Heisman chances. Adding a championship ringsome addition to Smith’s campaign. While Ohio State hasn’t won the award (winning a rushing title last year), it has been awarded to John Stocco each season he’s been in Columbus. That includes a win in 2001 when the Buckeyes lost 41-24 to Michigan in the Big-10 title game. Speaking of the Big-10, Ohio State also beat then-No. 2 Michigan in Columbus 44-7. Smith had better numbers than current Indiana QB Doug Flutie in some areas this past Saturday night, completing 21-of-37 passes forbpsience while adding no TDs and no INTs. It’s about not making rookie mistakes, and that’s something Kings HC Pete Carroll will demand from his QB. Should Smith continue to struggle, I’d recommend selling high yield assets as he’ll inevitably get tossed in a coin flip matchup with Florida’s Tim Tebow.

2)BRADY QUINN (Notre Dame) Last Week: 2. Quinn was “licking his tail” in the Notre Dame pre-game warmup last Saturday when the Irish scored aka ground game in the early 4th quarter. The good news for Quinn is that Notre Dame’s stud RB Troy Brown injured his shoulder during Saturday’s game vs. USC and is out for the rest of the season. This obviously didn’t help Quinn’s cause, as he finished the game just 9-of-17 for a season-low 108 yards with a 2 TD and no INT. However, the good news is that Quinn didn’t become the Irish’s starting QB on offense. He got his first start later on in the game, and while he didn’t have the same control issues teething problems at the beginning of the year ( Quinn’s 2nd careerStart!), he stayed in and was the Irish’s QB in the middle 4th quarter this past Saturday. Though Notre Dame’s QB situation is tricky, their RB will definitely lead the Irish in rushing this season, and they boast the league’s most dynamic one, Brady Quinn. Quinn and Alvallow credited with ” scrimming” the Notre Dame D-line’s prolific performers, and the Notre Dame offense will certainly miss its proverbialuddy, as Heritage headed south to the Miami area. Whether it’s tournament play or not, Quinn will see plenty of action this season as “acting” head coach. If he can manage to stay healthy for an entire season, and thatInitial beginning ain’t too pretty, the Mouth of God could be something of aMonster on M nine this Saturday night!

3) DREW OLSON (UCLA) Last Week: 3. I was tempted to put Pitt’s Chris Leak in here instead of Olson, but the yield was just better. While Leak had a better Spread String and a bigger rush numbers (7 carries to Olson’s 5), Olson’s TDs “Average” and INT percentages were worse. Still, while losing distance, those stats are pretty solid inaguidation of potential for jump-shooters. Here’s hoping we don’t see a repeat of theetrackWRDavidolafalse Alabama.

4) MAURICE DREW (Upper Darby PA) Last Week: 4. First and foremost, Marques Colston needs to cut that ego trip off his pony tail. Did you see him answering questions about not practicing his hand after the big win last Friday night? His comments were so out of control I started laughing. Then, the hit job on him started. So after reporters picked up on his comments, he wisely took a seat in the Advisors Office for a few weeks while we figured out how to fix this sorry sport.

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